The DevOps Nirvana book is coming

The DevOps Nirvana technology stack has been tried and tested over the last six years in numerous scenarios for a range of clients and projects, and is available to use now.

The book, a guide to understanding the "what, why and how" will help you to achieve DevOps Nirvana in your project or organisation. We're in the drafting and proposal stages and welcome contact from interested publishers.

What is DevOps Nirvana?
DevOps Nirvana is about using a proven stack of existing best-in-class tools and technologies to achieve nirvana in DevOps; ensuring speed and reliability for any organisation, project or company seeking optimal DevOps.

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We'll be publishing posts about the tools in the DevOps Nirvana technology stack with the goal of sharing resources that every DevOps team can use to deliver fast, reliable, scalable services.

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You can also find us on GitHub, where there are a wealth of resources, boilerplates, examples and open source tools available to be used right now:

DevOps Nirvana
The proven technology stack every DevOps team can use to deliver incredibly fast, reliable, scalable services. - DevOps Nirvana